Speech/Articulation Testimonials:


We had a wonderful experience working with Natalie for speech therapy for our seven-year-old daughter who struggled with proper articulation of a number of sounds. She had been in speech therapy for about two years when we were referred to Natalie. We were looking for a new option when we ran into a scheduling conflict with the therapist we had been working with. We were so grateful to find Natalie because she was so easy to work with and our daughter responded very well to her. They spent a few months working together on the few remaining sounds our daughter needed help with. She really looked forward to her sessions and enjoyed spending time with Natalie. There were times when she would get distracted, but Natalie was always patient and good at getting her back on track. And I really appreciated that Natalie helped me understand the proper way to make the sounds so that I could practice with her in a productive fashion between sessions. I would highly recommend Natalie for families looking for speech therapy services.


Natalie Cohen facilitated a series of speech therapy sessions in our home and around town which effectively taught my adult brother who has autism how to be aware of, monitor, and control the volume of his voice. We sought out the assistance of Natalie after my brother moved in with my husband and I; struggling to participate in activities such as dinners-out, library visits, yoga classes, and more without ample disruptions we knew we needed help. Not only has Natalie restored peace and sanity to house itself, but also has given him the tools necessary to self-regulate the volume of his voice, which allows him to do a variety of new activities without any hindrances in his way.


Natalie Cohen Speech pathologist- very personable, makes learning fun through an array of learning games and activities.

Accent Modification Testimonials:


It was a good program personally for me. I am glad I did it. It is something that always gets deprioritized in the professional life, especially for technical oriented people. I would highly recommend the program to someone who needs it, as Natalie did well to understand my needs during the first session and tailored the program accordingly.


I had a chance to work with Natalie earlier this year, and she quickly proved to be invaluable with her coaching skills. She is extremely conscientious about her work and pays great attention to details. She would prepare ahead of scheduled sessions (tailored to individual's needs, of course), and work tirelessly and with great patience to get the best out of you. Natalie is very knowledgeable on various aspects of speech therapy, and she presents the information in a friendly, confident and understandable demeanor.

I would absolutely recommend Natalie as an awesome coach!!


Natalie is a very experienced and attentive teacher. She does a lot of "homework" for every lesson to make sure that her instructions are tailored for the student's specific problem and personality. That is why you can see positive results very soon after you start working with her. ​I would definitely recommend working with Natalie for any speech and/or language problems.


I am an opera singer and Natalie helped me make quick progress in reducing my accent. Natalie is professional, precise in her comments, inspiring, and comfortable to work with.