Helping non-native American English speakers and school-age children speak clearly and gain confidence knowing they are understood!

Natalie is an awesome coach . . . and works tirelessly to get the best out of you!

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Natalie Cohen is a certified speech-language pathologist and accent modification coach in Massachusetts.

Willing to work with clients virtually or in-person

Articulation Therapy

  • Does your child have difficulty pronouncing one or more sounds?

  • In comparison to peers, is your child more difficult to be understood?

  • Does your child feel self-conscious about how they speak?

Articulation therapy may be needed

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Accent Modification Training

  • Are you a non-native American English speaker?

  • Do people have a hard time understanding you?

  • Do you feel your verbal skills are not allowing others to see your professional capabilities?

  • Want to learn how to pronounce and speak with greater clarity?

  • Want to gain more confidence and be more successful in your life and career?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, are a perfect accent modification candidate!

Accent modification training will help your reach your full potential!

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